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An older woman rests her hand under chin as she smiles for her age management medicine appointement at Wilson OB-GYN.

Age Management Medicine

Our body's hormones are in their prime during our early 20s, however, as we age, our hormone levels gradually decrease at a rate of 2% per year after we turn 30. This decrease is a natural occurrence, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's the best for our body. Therefore, it is crucial to promote hormonal balance as we grow older. 

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  • Hormone optimization using Bio-identical Hormones (BHRT) is the answer to relieve these symptoms and restore vitality!

  • Hormone optimization goals are restored to your natural hormones to levels of those of a 20 year old female. This is the age when your hormones were at their optimal levels.

  • Conventional hormone goals are to use hormones to alleviate symptoms only.

Goal: Restore Hormones to Youthful Levels


  • Helps to prevent hot flashes and night sweats. Maintains healthy vaginal tissue, which prevents pain with intercourse, vaginal dryness, and urinary symptoms.


  • Maintains sex drive, muscle mass, and bone density. Also, promotes a sense of well being.

  • Progesterone – Prevents cognitive impairment, anxiety, depression and reduces sleep problems.



  • Pellets have been used since the 1930”s. Studies indicate that pellet implants are superior in achieving optimal hormone levels to alleviate symptoms and restore vitality.

  • Conventional hormones are “one size fits all.”

  • Even women who have failed other types of hormone therapy have a high success rate with pellets.

  • Progesterone is prescribed in an alternative delivery system (oral or troches) because it dissolves too quickly to include in a pellet.


  • Implants are placed under the skin. They release small, consistent physiologic does of hormones providing for optimal therapy.

  • They avoid fluctuations in hormone levels as seen with other delivery systems.

  • Consistent release of hormones (avoiding fluctuations) is important for optimal health and symptoms relief.


  • Following pellet implants most women “feel better” within 48-72 hours. It may take a few weeks before full benefits are felt.

  • Studies indicate that pellet implants of BHRT does not carry the same risk of breast cancer.

  • Studies suggest that balanced bio-identical hormones are breast protective.

  • Clinical studies show that bio-identical testosterone balances estrogen and is breast protective.

  • When compared to the cost to treat the individual symptoms of declining hormones, pellet implants are cost effective.

  • Studies indicate pellet therapy provides superior relief of vasomotor symptoms, restoration of sleep patterns, improvement of libido and sexual response.

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